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Equivocate and Studio One


Anybody using Equivocate to master in Studio one?  I'm trying to EQ match a few songs in the Project Page of S1 and can't figure out how to sidechain during mastering process.

Plugin not found


I just got my Newfangled EQuivocate from the scarlett focusrite. But it just wont show up at my pro tools |first.. ive tried everything but it wont work.. help

Meters of EQuivocate and Elevate don't work in Wavelab?


When EQuivocate or Elevate is loaded in Wavelab Elements 9.1, none of meters work, except bar meters. However everything works fine in Logic Pro X on the same system (macOS Sierra).

Small FR for EQuivocate: click in value for solo handling



I've been involving EQuivocate in my mastering workflow for a couple of days now. I make small adjustments per band on a regular basis, finding that the only way for now to solo a band it to click the solo button. A clip of the use case in question.