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eventide h9

Wich is the best way to connect two H9?


Hi, please.. how can i connect my two H9? I use just one amp.

H9 1 in the front amp and H9 2 in the fx loop?

Or Guitar >> H9 1 in1 >> H9 1 out 1 >> H9 2 in1 >> H9 2 out1 >> amp

Should i use Normal mode?

In my case should i use mono connections?

please, give me a light...


Used H9 question


I am looking to purchase a used H9 off of Craigslist; when i go take a look at it, is there a way that I can determine if the unit is a standard H9 or a core H9? I know that if it was a max it will say so when it powers up, but what about a standard vs a core? Am I correct in assuming that if I purchase a standard, it will have 9 algorithms when I register it under my account?


Getting this Bass Sound with the H9


Random Post,

I am attempting to mimic the following Bass Sounds with the H9, listen to the following link.

The Bass Player is Oteil Burbridge and I know he is using a modulus 6 string, that is part of the sound, I know. The catch is, I am trying to do so on a 4 string Jazz or P.

I have gotten pretty close to this sound by lightly using some octave, sustain and clean boost, but I am still missing a bit of that low end punch.

Uploading shared preset issues.. NEED HELP!


I downloaded a couple of the shared presets from the eventide webpage.. however how the heck do you get them to upload to the pedals?? I opened the H9 control app on my desktop but when I go to drag the preset to an open slot, it asks me if I want to browes for a compatable app? What am I doing wrong?

H9 control for Android


I suppose this is never going to happen? I bought an H9 and maxed it out, blindly believing the propaganda that "the Android app will be available soon". Well, soon has now dragged into years, and I find this both disappointing and misleading.

H9 User presets



I just bought a H9 a few weeks ago and have been lurking around the eventide forums for a way to share user presets.  I came across the thread that told me to link my dropbox account by adding my email to the thread on this website, I did so weeks ago, but have not received anything.  Is there something I am missing?  Thanks in advance, and I apologize if this question has already been asked.

Can you I.D. these H9 effects?


I found this video on youtube, the guy claims to be using an H9 with a bass.  I need help identifying the 2 different effects that he might be using.

Here is the link for the video:

My guess is that he is using some effects from the PitchFactor.

Anything helps, and thanks in advance! 

INPUT Level on H9


If i follow a instructional video i can adjust only output level, holding a ACTIVE switch causes menu jumping to : active,preset name and output level...

No INPUT LEVEL menu point !

What i'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

H9 Quadravox and Diatonic Pitch Problem


Hi, I recently bought an H9 Core and have installed the Diatonic and Quadrovox algorithms.

Pitch A in Diatonic and Pitches A & B in Quadravox are currently making no sound. This is regardless of the preset I use, the balance between the pitches I set or any other setting. Pitches C/C+D are working correctly.

I have tried changing most of the pedal settings and everything else I can think of. Is there a fault with my pedal or am I missing something?

H9 phase issue



I have been trying the H9 with my mixing link to hear the effects on vocals.

Im noticing a kind of phase issue with the H9.

It sounds like the voice goes from the middle of the mix (no H9) to more off to the sides and almost like there is a strange /light phaser on the voice when H9 is engaged. Im getting this change even when the preset is deactivated.

Every time I listen through the H9 I get this and with the mixing link I can check with other pedals and bypassed (no issue).

Software and firmware is updated.