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eventide plugins

Installing and Authorizing Plug-ins

Before You Begin

You will need:

1. Serial Number & License Key

The Serial Number will be two letters followed by 6 numbers (i.e SR-######). The License Key will be 3 sets of 4 characters, a letter or a number, each; like XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Received a free plug-in?  Ownership (and upgrade eligibility) is verified via iLok. 

Recovering Anthropology X license after computer got stolen...


Hey everyone,


I installed Anthology X and Tverb on my iLok. Problem is, while I still have my iLok, my macbook pro got stolen. 


I've since replaced the computer, but after downloading the installer for Anthology X and Tverb, it (expectedly) asks me for my serial number.


Additionally, the serial number was originaly sent to my work email, and I've since left that job sad


newbie question


How do I find the plugin ? 

How do I use this product??

I'm using Reaper 5.2 DAW....