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Loud Noise coming from INSIDE my pedal - TimeFactor


Hi all,

I have just purchase Space and TimeFactor Stompboxes and i'm loving them but i have some weird behaviour from the TimeFactor.

After a short amount of time ( Under 20 minutes) I start noticing a clicking sound coming from the actual pedal itself. It sounds a lot like when you cycle through the Bypass settings (The clicks that you get) but it seems louder and comes in waves where it will do it loads in the space of a few seconds and stop for about 30 seconds. I haven't noticed the same from the Space pedal.


SPACE led issue


So...for some reason ever since I got it I noticed that all the leds are always on but very dim and flickering even the red peak led and input led is on dim but flickering. I use the the 9v 500ma power supply it came with and it still happens. The pedal works but seeing vids online of it I notice it's not supposed to act this way...I did think it was a little strange from the beginning but I didn't think too much of it because it is a pretty wild stompbox but apparently it is a little funky.

Current Space Firmware Version?


Hello, I have a Space stompbox (love it, by the way!) and wanted to double check what firmware version is the most up-to-date....

Strymon Sunset activated by Space's MIDI but unable to switch off



I have an Eventide SPACE and a Strymon SUNSET. The SUNSET is a dual overdrive pedal which has 300 presets you can recall by MIDI.

I'm not so familiar with MIDI but I've managed to set my SPACE like this that when in Preset mode.. you go to a certain preset on the SPACE and when activating this certian preset It can activate one of the saved presets on the SUNSET. It works perfectly!