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Alleged Issue With H9 MIDI Thru



I am currently researching and comparing MIDI controllers to use with my three Eventide H9 pedals.

And possibly, my two Factor series stomps, too.

During my research, I read something quite, quite alarming, on one of the MIDI pedal manufacturer's sites:

"Some devices have a MIDI output / thru but do not reliably pass incoming MIDI data – The Eventide Factor series and H9 are like this."

Send MIDI CC from Space Hotswitch to Toggle Bypass on PitchFactor?


Hi! I'm working on setting up my rig. I have a few patches on my Space which I'd like to use in conjuction with the PitchFactor. I have MIDI going out form the Space and into the PitchFactor. What I'd like to do is have it so that when I toggle the hotswitch on the Space it goes to a specific patch on the Pitchfactor and turns it on. When I hit the hotswitch again, it would turn it off. Is this achieveable? If so, how?


Release Notes for v5.8.5[1]


5.8.5[1] Release Notes:

Added TriceraChorus [TRICER] algorithm to the H9. TriceraChorus is a three voice chorus and two voice detuner, all in one H9 Algorithm.

Updated H9 Max Factory Preset List to v4.  This preset list includes presets from the TriceraChorus algorithm.