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Installing Updates and New Algorithms to Your H9


To get a new H9 algorithm you must update both H9 Control and the H9 Software. 

trouble updating Dante firmware on H9KR



Dante Controller recognizes the Dante card EVT-H9K-04d262

I downloaded the firmware file from

H9 Firmware Update Errors...


Please help me to complete H9's update. 

App(mac) said that there is new update. so I clicked that and firmware was updated.

H9 shows that T or W or cruched letter for the first time. 

So i lettered th eventide service center. they sent me manual updater links. I tried those one with both mac and windows os.

and now.

H9 shows that just "UPDATE" when it turns on without holding down hotswitch button. 


Bigger hall size on space pedal? (firmware change idea)



I have the space pedal and I love it!!

Having independant controls for "size" and "decay" is so crucial, something the Cathedral can't do.

Here is my issue. I love the "hall" setting, basically just preset #1.

I wish there was some way to dial the room size up to what would basically be 200-500, considering where 0 and 100 are currently.

Is there a way to do that? Black hole gives a much larger room sound, but it's a way different effect!