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Fission Splits, Say Hello to Physion

Shortly after we launched Fission in 2017 we were notified that another software product had been named Fission and, in response to a formal request, we decided the best thing to do would be to change the name of our product. So, from now on Fission will be known as Physion.

Each instance of Fission adds more latency in Ableton.



I have noticed that when using au or vst Fission in Ableton, every instance of Fission that is added adds more latency to Ableton. This is not acceptable for me as it adds latency to midi input on tracks that are not even using Fission. With this it is barely worth the discountd price. I do like the Bowed Guitar for removing beats though.

Gearslutz Awards Fission [Physion] 5 Stars

5 Stars. It’s so clever that it begs the question: why no one has done this before?... Fission [Physion] is a remarkable plug-in, capable of pulling out tricks that were otherwise very hard to achieve, heavily favouring creativity and experimentation

Logic Pro Expert Reviews Eventide's Fission [Physion] Plug-in

Eventide Fission [Physion] is a seriously great sounding plug-in that stimulates experimentation otherwise not possible. I highly recommend giving it a spin. And kudos to Eventide for really imaginative and creative plug-in development. And for inventing new tools that we didn’t know we needed, and now can’t live without!

—Eli Krantzberg

Press Release: FISSION™ Plug-in Now Available

Eventide Enters New Plug-in Paradigm with Sound-splitting FISSION™ Featuring Structural Effects™

February 27, 2017 — LITTLE FERRY, NJ, US — Recording technology trailblazer Eventide enters a new plug-in paradigm by proudly announcing availability of FISSION — the first product to feature its seminal STRUCTURAL EFFECTS method for cleanly and completely separating the transient and tonal components of a sound in a patent-pending approach which makes it practical to modify the individual components independently.