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Legacy Product Repair Information

To obtain repair on a discontinued product, please contact one of the following repair facilities. If you repair vintage Eventide gear and would like to be listed here, contact us.

Please note that these folks do not work for Eventide, nor are we responsible for their work.

GTR4000 Issues


I am experiencing some serious errors with my beloved GTR4000.  It had been stored (properly) until recently. 

These are the error message I get when running the various tests


DSP1 Static Ram



DSP1 Dynamic Ram



E Bridge 0 to 1

E Bridge 1 to 0

GTR4000 Memory Error


I have a GTR4000 that has been stored for a couple of years and now that I've dug it out again, it is now giving me memory error that would indicate the chip with the internal battery is dead.  Not surprising given its age.  I looked for a BQ4013YMA-120, but it seems to be discontinued and I can't seem to find one from a reliable source other than Chinese sellers on eBay.

Should I trust putting one of these (probably knock-off) chips in my 4000?  Is there are compatible replacement chip that is currently being manufactured that would work?

thanks in advance!