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h3000 factory

Recreating an H3000 preset


Wondering if it's possible to recreate the H3000 preset 208 'Bizarrmonizer' in H3000 factory, or if it appears or can be recreated in any of the newer hardware units? I do actually have an old H3000dse, but it's badly in need of a service and behaving somewhat erratically. I might be able to grab parameters off it if I know what to look for though. Any help much appreciated.

Anthology X Part of 8 best processing / FX bundle

Eventide helped to define the sound of many of the effects we take for granted nowadays, and this bundle can bring all of that mojo to your mixes as well.

—Joe Albano

Resident Advisor reviews H3000 Factory

The H3000 Factory plug-in compares very favourably to the original hardware... It's a joy to have these effects available to users of a wider range of DAWs and at a price point which brings it within reach of even moderately serious users.

GearSlutz gives 5 stars to Anthology X

GearSlutz 5 Star Review

Superb sounding with enormous sonic possibilities. Well-rounded and diversified, with useful mixing tools besides the legendary effects...H3000 Factory and UltraReverb are two of the coolest effect plugins ever made!

H3000 Factory and Blackhole Update

64-bit plug-ins now compatible with Pro Tools 11, VST Mac and PC and AU – no dongle required