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How to Update Eventide Rackmount Audio Units

The following applies to Eclipse, BD600 and BD600E, Orville, DSP7000 family, H7600 and H8000 family.
Please note
  • Reverb 2016 is not currently upgradeable
  • DSP4000 family updates are no longer available.

Eventide rack-mount Audio Units can be upgraded in various ways:

  • By downloading the update from the Eventide Web Site and sending it to the unit by means of a serial cable.

H8000(FW) Saving to User Groups -- Where is


I am trying to save my favorite presets to User Group 11 on my Memory Card....and p.44 in the manual, it say's :


Simply move the cursor to "Loaded Program" and hit SELECT


And I see "Loaded Program" in the screenshot in the manual on p. 44.   But in the screenshot on p. 118 (Categorized by You (User Groups)), and on my unit, I see "Prog Chang: 0" in place of where "Loaded Porgram" would be.   


Why is that, what determines if "Loaded Program" or "Prog Chang" is shown on the saving of the usergroup page?!


What is H8000FW's Sysex DeviceID?


What is the Sysex Device ID for the H8000FW?

I'm told that this document was made for the DSP4000 -- but also applies to the H8000FW.

For example, in the doc it says :




0xF0 0x1C <H4000> <id> <message_code> <lots-o-bytes> 0xF7


<H4000> is 0x70 (decimal 112).



Jellyjam Studios And Eventide H8000s Go Together Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

It’s like having eight stereo engines running at once. One unit is typically dedicated to reverb and the rest of the units are then used, to varying degrees, for delays and pitch shifting.