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H8000FW boot loop problem


I have an H8000FW that yesterday presented an issue on start-up. It was working normally previously and has been sitting in a rack powered down for the last couple of weeks, and and has not been moved or otherwise subjected to impacts, power surges or anything else.

Symptoms -

1. Powers up in the normal way, but seems to skip through the 'EVE/NET' splash screen, accompanied by a fair bit of relay clicking

2. Shows the screen saying 'I sense there is new RAM', then prompts user to clear the program data Yes or No

H8000FW Routing Question


hi Folks,

My H8000FW is connected to a RME800 via ADAT.

I want at the H8000 following Routing

ADAT Input 1-2 goes to DSPA  and out ADAT 1-2

ADAT Input 3-4 goes direkt to AES 1-2 out and this Signal came back to Input AES1-2 and out to ADAT3-4

ADAT Input 5-6 goes to DSPB and back out to ADAT 5-6

ADAT Input 7-8 goes direkt to AES 3-4 out and this Signal came back to Input AES 3-4 and out to ADAT 7-8


all, at 44,1

M problem is i didn´t get the AES Input back. What do i wrong ?

It is possible ?

Thank you

Routing App for H8000FW


I understand the routing configuration setup inside the H8000FW, and I understand the routing app (sort of). What I can't figure out if how to connect my Mac 10.1.1 to the Eventide with the config below. I also cant tell if I can do this without the app - 8 Ch ADAT into DSPDA, then B, then 8 channels out via ADAT. into Apogee, then Thunderbolt to Logic X.

What is H8000FW's Sysex DeviceID?


What is the Sysex Device ID for the H8000FW?

I'm told that this document was made for the DSP4000 -- but also applies to the H8000FW.

For example, in the doc it says :




0xF0 0x1C <H4000> <id> <message_code> <lots-o-bytes> 0xF7


<H4000> is 0x70 (decimal 112).