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H9 Max Nominated for NAMM TEC Award

We're proud to announce that the H9 Max has received a nomination for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category of: Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects

The 31st annual TEC award will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. For more information visit:

New Looper available for H9 and Timefactor

Announcing the much anticipated new Looper algorithm TimeFactor and H9. The new Looper is available for download via H9 Control App. H9 and H9 Core customers can experience the new Looper free of charge until the end of February. TimeFactor customers will automatically receive the new Looper by updating to the latest software v5.0.1 (which also includes support for H9 Control).

H9 Preset Changes from Forscore


I have an H9, and I want to have Forscore send over bluetooth program changes to change presets. How does one do this? 

What are people looking for in a foot controller?


I'm making a MIDI foot controller (Poly Expressive, currently on Kickstarter) and I'm wondering what people think is missing with existing controllers and what features you'd want in a MIDI controller. Our big difference is it's position and pressure sensitive so you can control multiple parameters at once.



Hello to all

I have a problem with Sculpt. When I call a preset, both from the algorithm and from the others, it is bypassed and I have to press the Active switch again twice to activate it ... do you have any idea why?

Thank you

Hit the Low End - H9 as a Bass Pedal

Hit the Low End - H9 as a Bass Pedal

With effects algorithms from distortion to delay to pitch-shifting and beyond, the H9 is a pedal that pretty much does it all. In the past, we’ve showcased the H9 on guitar - but it’s an equally mean machine on bass.

H9 Pre/post noise?


Hey, folks.

I have a pretty big pedalboard, with the H9 right in the middle of it. I use it in pre/post mode. Since I switched to pre/post mode, the H9 puts out a noisy hum that is way too loud, I've checked all of my cables, so that's not the problem. I also went last night and checked every individual pedal, and also checked the H9 in normal mode.. no noise. Anyone else have this problem?

Preset Sharing page request


Would it be possible to add sorting by date to the preset sharing page? I downloaded all the current presets on the page a few weeks ago, but now have no idea what has been added by users since. The main issue is sorting through duplicated in H9 Control is a pain, and I have already had to go through that process a couple of times. Thanks.

H9 - DOD meat box preset, anyone?


Has nyone tried to replicate something like the DOD Meatbox or something alike?

The idea is to slide mi finger across the fretboard from the 12th fret of my bass to the top and to make the earth rumble lika an earthquake 

Im dead serious 

not quite, but yeah, Let me shake the planet with my H9!!