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H9 Max Nominated for NAMM TEC Award

We're proud to announce that the H9 Max has received a nomination for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category of: Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects

The 31st annual TEC award will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. For more information visit:

New Looper available for H9 and Timefactor

Announcing the much anticipated new Looper algorithm TimeFactor and H9. The new Looper is available for download via H9 Control App. H9 and H9 Core customers can experience the new Looper free of charge until the end of February. TimeFactor customers will automatically receive the new Looper by updating to the latest software v5.0.1 (which also includes support for H9 Control).

Can I take tap tempo into H9 and send out as MIDI clock?


Hey, folks,

I've been doing a few things to get all of my pedals on my board in sync, and I have an external tap tempo I'd like to go into the H9. My pigtronix infinity looper, however, will only take a midi clock for tempo, so I'm wondering, is there a way to send the tempo out over midi on the H9 (based on the tap tempo in), and then send it to MIDI out, and if so, how would I do this?


One Expression pedal to control 2 Eventide pedals


I currently have H9 and a Timefactor on my board. I control involved with a boss ES5. I can make Midi preset changes in use the tap tempo on the boss perfectly.
I would like to hook up expression pedal to one of the two pedals and control both, mainly the mix. Since they are both set to through I’m not sure I can set that up . Anyone have experience doing that ?

On the Road with Derya Nagle from Good Tiger

Photo of Derya Nagle's Pedalboard with Eventide H9 and Space pedals

We recently caught up with Derya “Dez” Nagle of the band Good Tiger. In this video, he gives us a rundown of his compact but hefty guitar setup, featuring an H9 Max and Space going through a Mastermind pedalboard controller.

Artist-in-Residence: Martha Mooke

In this new blog series, composer and electro-acoustic violist, Martha Mooke, will be exploring multifaceted ways of using the H9. Keep an eye out for videos on violins, violas, cellos, saxophones, electronic winds and brass, voice, synths, percussion and more!

Delete Multiple Presets on H9 via the iPad app




I have 99 Presets on the H9 pedal which i now want to delete/remove.

I am using the iPad app to organize presets, but it seems i can only delete 1 preset at a time.

Not possible to select multiple presets and choose delete?

New Algorithm Suggestion


I recently had an odd idea:

Using two stereo delays, and all necessary splitters, etc

AD/DA Conversions with Multiple H9 Pedals


I'm running two H9s, one in front of a guitar amp and one in the fx loop. I see that some musicians are running four. Aside from adjusting the Input and Output Gain and the MIDI controllable Input and Output converter gain, is there anything else I should consider to do to factor in these Analog to Digital, Digital to Analog conversions? Maybe it's academic because the tone sounds great to me, when I can set the gain stages properly, but I wonder, at what point would cumulative conversions degrade the sound?


H9 - Using both MIDI and AUX switch concurrently



Im thinking of purchasing an AUX switch for the H9 to control bank up / down and tap tempo. Right now i have the H9 set up to receive MIDI program changes from a Disaster Area MIDI. 

Just wanted to ask if BOTH the MIDI in and AUX be used concurrently to send various commands to the H9?