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H9 Max Nominated for NAMM TEC Award

We're proud to announce that the H9 Max has received a nomination for Outstanding Technical Achievement in the category of: Musical Instrument Amplification & Effects

The 31st annual TEC award will take place on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016. For more information visit:

New Looper available for H9 and Timefactor

Announcing the much anticipated new Looper algorithm TimeFactor and H9. The new Looper is available for download via H9 Control App. H9 and H9 Core customers can experience the new Looper free of charge until the end of February. TimeFactor customers will automatically receive the new Looper by updating to the latest software v5.0.1 (which also includes support for H9 Control).

H9 Control considers the H9 Standard algos as mine after I sold it


So, I checked H9 Control (Android) to know which algorithms I purchased/redeemed when I had my H9 Standard. After that, I went on to check the rest of the algorithms and noticed that the algorithms from my de-registered H9 Standard are considered "purchased" in my H9 Control. I did not purchase any algorithms since I sold the H9 two years ago and I'm looking to buy a Core before the algorithm store closes (and to redeem the two bonus algorithms from my Space). I'm not sure if this is a bug or something else that I don't understand.

H9 specific: How to Access/Change Algorithm without using Control App



At one time I knew how to do this.  I tried looking through the user manual but I did not see a section describing how to change the algorithm of the H9 by using the bottons on the H9 (that is to say without using the Control app). 

Anyone know how to do this?


Midi cc send when controlling device in H9 Control



Im trying to connect all my devices to my MPC One and I've made it so far that the H9 is sending midi cc when Im doing changes on the buttons/wheel on the H9 device. 

BUT; when Im controlling the H9 in my H9 Control on my mac its not sending Midi cc. 

Is there a way of activating that, or is it not possible? :-)



H9, account and update


Hi !
I’m about to buy to someone an H9 Corr that has been MaxedOut.

I’ve seen on this forum that if a H9 has been maxed out, it will stay this, even if we tranfer my account on the pedal.

But, ir one day the pedal has a bug or needs an update, and it resets the pedal memory : will I be able to have it MaxOut again without purchasing the algoythms again ?


Controlling H9 with wearable MIDI devices


I am new to this forum and I still have to decide whether to buy the H9, so I apologize in advance if these questions are too trivial or has been answered already.

H9 stopped receiving MIDI signals through DIN5.


My FX-Loop H9 has stopped responding to MIDI signals. 

Am I missing something? What can I do to wake up it's DIN5 ears?

The MIDI signal  is from a Keith MacMillan Softstep2 to a SoftStep Expander, into the preamp H9. The settings are below. I swapped out the MIDI cable between the H9s with no success and went from the Expander directly to the FX-Loop H9 "in", but still got no result with the FX-Loop H9. Pre-Amp H9 receives the DIN5 signal normally. The FX-Loop H9 responds fine via bluetooth but not via DIN5. 

New H9, left footswitch click



I have purchased my second H9 to replace my TimeFactor in assistance at your main office. I have noticed that the left footswitch, unlike the right one and the other older H9's ones, is not silent but does a "click" when pressed in order to work correctly. If I don't press until the bottom and make it "click", the footswitch doesn't work. Is it normal or is it defective? Even If I don't use that footswicch very much because I midi control the H9, this potential issue annoys me for the reason that the pedal is new and certainly not cheap.




I´m trying to update my fully working H9 to 5.82 without success. Every time starts the process "preparing for update", and it stucks in the cleaning required space in the stompbox´s flash for the update". The stompbox displays nothing but a blue light on and sometimes a letter (A or B in other times) and after five or six minutes the display sometimes turns off and I get the same message every time from the H9 control "communication error! an error ocurred while communicating...the stompbox is not responding"