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H9 algorithms

H9 Algorithm Query


I used to own a H9 core which over time I converted to a H9 Max by purchasing the required number of algorithms. I believe I reached the number of required algorithms through the H9 Max out program offer. The "My account" section on the settings tab of the H9 Control App indicates I have 12 "purchased" and 1 "coupon" algorithms. 

I reluctantly sold that H9 but now considering purchasing a H9. If I was to purchase a H9 core or H9 standard would my account max it out? I'm guessing it won't but could someone please clarify? 

Can formerly purchased algorithms be installed on new H9?


I tried searching this with no luck.

I had a H9 Core and bought numerous algorithms for it.  I'm thinking about buying a new one. 

Can I reinstall my old algorithms on it?

I thought I could, but when I looked on My Products, I don't see any algorithms listed.  How can I confirm that I still have the algorithms to download?


New algo's for 2018?


I'm surprised there hasn't been any buzz about a new algo for the H9, considering it seems we get about two a year. With NAMM happening, I figured there'd be one. Anyone heard anything?

H9 Algorithm Request


Sorry if this has been requested before, but I'd love to see the 8 parallel modulated delay algorithm added to the H9. No other pedal currently produced has this. The Yamaha Magicstomp series had this and is FANTASTIC. The chorus, reverb, and delay sounds that can be created with these parallel delays are second to none. PLEASE add this algorithm to the H9! Thanks!

Best three Algorithms for Acoustic?


Hello all! New to the pedal, just wanted to know--if im going to spend 60 bucks, what are the three best algorithms to purchase for acoustic guitar use? Thanks in advance!

Omnipressor algo for H9


I would be really happy to see this year an Omnipressor version for H9 with some (noise)gating flavor added to it. HAPPY! HAPPY!