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TimeFactor Patch Name Not in Appearing on Display Via H9 Control Switching


Hey guys!

I'm wondering why the appropriate patch name isn't show up on my TimeFactor when I switch patches via the H9 Control App. I have a SPACE unit that is working just fine with the H9 Controller. I don't understand why the patch name isn't appearing on the TimeFactor display after switching patches. It's a mystery that I can't seem to solve.

If anybody has any thoughts on how to fix, please let me know.



Hit the Low End - H9 as a Bass Pedal

Hit the Low End - H9 as a Bass Pedal

With effects algorithms from distortion to delay to pitch-shifting and beyond, the H9 is a pedal that pretty much does it all. In the past, we’ve showcased the H9 on guitar - but it’s an equally mean machine on bass.

Preset Sharing page request


Would it be possible to add sorting by date to the preset sharing page? I downloaded all the current presets on the page a few weeks ago, but now have no idea what has been added by users since. The main issue is sorting through duplicated in H9 Control is a pain, and I have already had to go through that process a couple of times. Thanks.

H9 Control UI/UX bug/request


1. I have a 20 inch monitor connected to a 13' MacBook Air, and the 20 inch monitor is set as the main monitor. When I place H9 Control in the builtin 13' MBA monitor, clicking the "Info" button doesn't do anything.

2. When I have the H9 Control in my 20' monitor, clicking the "Info" button opens up a pop up dialogue / manual that covers up the bulk of the H9 Control app, despite there being plenty of space around the H9 Control for it to display the algo info. I think a better method should be arranged.



What are the recommended system specifications for the H9 Control app for Windows?


I am currently looking into buying a Windows touchscreen tablet for the H9 control app. Would this work on a tablet with a total system memory 1Gb? Also if anyone is using a similar setup, could you share what works well for you?

Simplest way to control three H9s and two Factor pedals



I want something so, so simple, but I am overwhelmed by possibilities and the sheer number of devices and methods for doing something that I think should be relatively easy to do. Here is my situation:

I want the best option possible, to control three H9s and two Factor pedals via MIDI.

I am mostly interested in program changes, so I want a device that I can build patches on, so I can instantly change all five devices, at once.

Difficulties connecting H9 Control over Bluetooth in Win 7/64


I got this little CSR mini USB bluetooth dongle which I managed to install on my desktop pc running Windows 7 64 bit.

I can pair to H9 using the 4 digit from serial and after I redistributed the COM ports in device manager, nothing looks like conflicting. H9 Control only has 16 COM ports options and I had to change BT dongle ports bellow 16, although by default windows created ports over Com 23.

H9 Control forgets device names


Hey there, having an issue where I type in a new device name for one or both of my h9s, on h9 control, it officially changes on the device (seen on the settings>Bluetooth>name page). But if I even leave the h9 app for a second then come back to it, it shows the names of my devices as "h9-[ser#]".

Any suggestions would be helpful. This is only on my iPad. H9 control doesn't have this problem on my iPhone.

H9 Control bug when CLOCK OUT is ON in standard H9


Every time I try to load the presets from my H9 in the "Presets List" view I get a "Communication error!" message. See the attached image.


If I set the CLOCK OUT value to OFF within the H9 unit, then H9 Control loads perfectly fine.


Another strange behavior I notice when the CLOCK OUT value is set to ON is that it takes at least 10x more time to load the H9 Control (when the "Device connected!" popup message appears).


Another specifications:

Windows 7 64bit

H9 5.2.0[1]