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H9 + Barn3 Ox9 + Mission SP-H9


I'm pretty new to the world of pedals and feel like I jumped off the deep end.  Hoping someone can help me.  I have a Eventide H9 Max.  Just my luck I had listed a Barn3 OX9 and a Mission Engineering SP-H9 expression pedal on a wish list.  I ended up getting both but I cannot figure out how to make them all work together.  

What I would like to do is have the Barn3 Left switch to cycle up through the presents and the right side to cycle down.  And I would like the Expression pedal to increase or decrease the amount of the effect loaded; i.e. more or less Fuzz.

H9 Max + Mission Engineering SP-H9 + OX9 + Boss FS-5U


Hi everyone,

First time owner of any Eventide product here!

As the title says, I have an H9 Max, an SP-H9, an OX9 and a Boss FS-5U.

Now, I using the OX9 I've managed to use:
- Either the 3 switches (2 of the OX9 and the Boss) OR
- 1 switch (the left) of the OX9 and the SP-H9. OK, the right OX9's switch engages the expression's heel position, but I don't find that so useful.

If I connect the SP-H9 directly to the H9, I have the expression and the Boss (connected on the SP).


H9 Max Power Issue / No Alg message


My H9 Max is dead in the water at the moment. When I try to power up the unit, it flashes, turns off and on as though I don't have a tight electrical connection. If I wiggle the power input gently - it's really touchy and feels loose. I noticed this last week but thought it was just a fluke, but it appears to be getting worse. The pedal is installed on a pedal board and I rarely take it off, so it is not as though it has seen any abuse or misuse in regards to the power supply.

More ... With Less

The reverb, delay, modulation, pitch shifting, and compression sounds are truly studio quality, and especially impressive in stereo....everything else is superb...It didn’t take long for me to see the beauty of the software and the control it offers over the pedal. 

ToneReport's Gear Review: SpaceTime

Of all the new H9-specific algorithms, this SpaceTime is by far and away my favorite to date.  SpaceTime is essentially a little pedalboard of time-based effects crammed into one algorithm. Each component has easy-to-tweak, minimal controls, yet the ambient possibilities upon summation are only stifled by the limits of the programmer. 

The Only Effects Pedal You'll Ever Need

For both gigging and studio guitarists, the H9 Max might be the only effects pedal you'll ever need. No more hauling around a bag or pedal board of effects and spaghetti mess of cords. I haven't found a pedal out there yet that offers more, and predict many effects boxes will be collecting dust as guitarists catch wind of the massive power, versatility and imaginative sounds the H9 Max offers.

TMR Zoo Maxes Out the H9

H9- MAX-Receives-Editors-choice-by-TMRZoo

"CrushStation will take you from the depths of molten metal to smooth creamy slightly overdriven tube tones...applications for the H9 Max are unlimited. Being able to ditch my entire pedal board for a single stomp is amazing."
Bruce G Owens Jr