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H9000 Live Looping


If it's appropriapte to ask and post, are there any players out there using H9000 for extensive live looping? If so, can you post links to anything, even if they aren't using the H9000's looper specifically but using other algoythms I'd love to check it out. Also, what are the specs on live looping, like how long can you loop for, how many loopers can potentially run at the same time? Can you store the audio that was created in the looper memory for use later?

H9000 ADAT - SMux II & USB Questions


Hi there

The specs state "Optical (Toslink): 8 channels of ADAT (Only 44.1 kHZ and 48 kHz)"

Can/will support be added for SMux II to run 4 channels at 96k In & Out?

Separately, is the USB connection USB 3?


AES 2017: One for the Books

AES 2017: One for the Books

Jack Impink here again, fresh off the boat from the 143rd AES Convention. This was actually my first AES Convention, and I believe this was an excellent one to start with. I’ll definitely be going again in the future. What a blast!