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H9000 Looping Controller Pedal


Anyone using the KMI Softstep and/or 12 Step for Live looping and control of the H9000?


H9000 Midi Control from Footpedal


I currently use a Line 6 Helix an 2 H9s for guitar effects but am looking into using an amp and the H9000 and a midi foot pedal controller instead. I can not find any data on the details of its midi implimentation. Here is what I'm looking for:

Control Change

Progam Change

Midi Clock Recieve

Tap tempo

Is this something that the H9000 will do?

Thank you.


Can algorithm categories filter tags exclusively?


In Emote, I noticed that selecting a few algorithm types will show all algorithms that have any of those types.

That works fine within individual algorithm categories, but when I select algorithm types from more than one algorithm category, I would expect Emote to show the algorithms that have at least one type from every category that includes a selection, but it still shows all algorithms that have any selected types. Can the algorithm categories filter tags exclusively instead?

H9000, USB, and Deterministic Latency


H9000, USB, and Deterministic Latency:

I was hoping to incorporate the H9000 into my hybrid mixing environment by using it's USB audio interface capability in addition to my existing hardware I/O, because at the moment I have no spare analog I/O channels  to patch it into my interface setup. Unfortunately I discovered that  when using the H9000 as a USB interface, system latency is not consistent nor deterministic and does not remain the same after reboot, or when changing sample rates.

initializing the Dante card without having to connect it to a LAN


I've set up my Dante card to route audio from 1 in to 1 out, 2 in to 2 out, 3 in to 3 out, etc., so that I can route audio from one FX chain to the next, and it works well except that it won't 'initialize' until after I plug the Dante card into my LAN via Ethernet. Every time I restart the H9KR I have to plug the Dante card into my LAN to get it going. It doesn't have to stay plugged in afterwards, and my computer doesn't have to be connected to it either. Any pointers on how to have the Dante card initialize when the H9KR boots up? 

trouble updating Dante firmware on H9KR



Dante Controller recognizes the Dante card EVT-H9K-04d262

I downloaded the firmware file from

H9000 + Ableton + External Soundcard = USB In/out possible?



I have a H9000 + RME Audio Interface and ableton / protools

Im using the H9000 with Ableton via AES / EBU for 1x Stereo Channel. so far so good.

i was wanting to utilise the H9000's USB Audio IO capabilities if possible but Disableton Live only permits use of one 'device' for Audio IO (as far as i know) so if i select the H9000's USB IO, i loose the ability to use my RME audio card..

does anyone know a way around this?


thank you :)

H9000 hardware Rev?


I see the latest H9000 firmware update is for hardware Rev g. I bought an earlier H9000 which I suspect doesn't have the latest hardware Rev. What's the difference in the hardware, and is it possible to upgrade the hardware to the latest Rev if the changes are significant?

H9000 routing and channel count



I think I have a grasp on the overall architecture of the eventide, namely that the H9000 can run 16 algorithms organised within a miximum of 4 fx chains which can contain up to 4 fx each.  Now, let say I want the H9000 to handle 8 different effects for 8 different tracks as insert, plus one fx chain with 4 fx in it, and 4 effects as auxiliary. The "expert routing" page on the manual led me to think that it was possible: I'm I wrong?

H9000 ADAT - SMux II & USB Questions


Hi there

The specs state "Optical (Toslink): 8 channels of ADAT (Only 44.1 kHZ and 48 kHz)"

Can/will support be added for SMux II to run 4 channels at 96k In & Out?

Separately, is the USB connection USB 3?