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H9 Pre/post noise?


Hey, folks.

I have a pretty big pedalboard, with the H9 right in the middle of it. I use it in pre/post mode. Since I switched to pre/post mode, the H9 puts out a noisy hum that is way too loud, I've checked all of my cables, so that's not the problem. I also went last night and checked every individual pedal, and also checked the H9 in normal mode.. no noise. Anyone else have this problem?

Preset Sharing page request


Would it be possible to add sorting by date to the preset sharing page? I downloaded all the current presets on the page a few weeks ago, but now have no idea what has been added by users since. The main issue is sorting through duplicated in H9 Control is a pain, and I have already had to go through that process a couple of times. Thanks.

H9 - DOD meat box preset, anyone?


Has nyone tried to replicate something like the DOD Meatbox or something alike?

The idea is to slide mi finger across the fretboard from the 12th fret of my bass to the top and to make the earth rumble lika an earthquake 

Im dead serious 

not quite, but yeah, Let me shake the planet with my H9!! 

H9: Does headroom depend on power supply voltage?


There are several reports on this board of the H9 clipping when used in an effects loop. I'm experiencing this too.

I'm wondering if the headroom depends on the voltage supplied to the H9. I'm running it on 9V, but apparently it works on 12V, too.

Is the input voltage always regulated to the same value or could a higher voltage increase headroom?

H9 Micro Pitch


Hey all,

I recently bought an H9 Max and I love it. But I'm definitely going to be the new guy that asks questions lol...

H9 Step sequencer / tremolo


Hello everyone I am new to this forum, I want to share some ideas and clarify some doubts. I want to recreate some effects that I've heard in some songs with the eventide H9:
1 Map of the problematique - Muse
2 Madness - Muse
3 Bigger than my body - John Mayer
4 boulevard of broken dreams - green day

H9 Max Never stops offering to download PitchFuzz


My H9 Max may have "everything" but recently when I turn it on, it offers to install a new algorithm: "PitchFuzz".

About 5 times now I've OK'ed the download, and then left the unit alone, but powered up and connected, for hours -- but it does not seem to work.

I have never seen what it looks like when an algorithm is successfully download, thus these newbie questions:

1. Has anyone else successfully downloaded PitchFuzz?

2. I've looked at my algorithms and can't find it.  Would it be showing up as its own icon in the Pitch family of algos?

Stompbox Preset Importing and Exporting


  • H9 Control app
  • To upload, use a Mac or PC.
  • To download, use a Mac, PC or iOS device.

Exporting Presets from H9 Control:

H9 Max - won't update + no algo errors

Forums H9 max user here. I've just built my board today...Boss ES8 equipped, attempting to control the H9, Strymon Timeline and Strymon Big Sky with midi. All powered from a Strymon Zuma (500ma from each outlet - using a reverse polarity cable for the H9).