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January Insider: UltraChannel sale, new H9 Algo, NAMM, Bowie and more

January Insider: UltraChannel sale, new H9 Algo, NAMM, Bowie and more

Eventide's Insider January Edition at a glance:

Happy 2016! It's not just an Eventide model number anymore
UltraChannel plug-in (almost) free - 80% off!
Universal Audio H910
H3000 Harmonizer to be inducted into the Audio Hall of Fame
Winter NAMM 2016: Check out what's new
H9 Max nominated by 31st Annual TEC Awards
New Bowie Song, "Blackstar" 

Still confused about repurchasing a MAX


Okay, I bought a "regular" H9 a year or so ago and then maxed it out by purchasing ALL the algorithms. I actually bought two H9s. I bought the original H9 then the "CORE"


So, I sold them (like an idiot) and now I want TWO H9s again and have BOTH contain ALL the algorithms so what do I need to purchase since I know that I still own all the algorithmns I purchased but that I cannot "max" out a standard H9.


What do I need to buy and what needs to take place? 


feature request: virtual "hotknobs"


i really like the functionality of the hotknob as a macro for effect manipulation, where several parameters in set ranges can be manipulated at the same time..

it would be amazing if there were maybe three more Hotknobs, total of four. In addition to the one today (tied to exp pedal), unused parameters could be assigned to the three additional Hotknobs who in turn would be controlled by MIDI CC's or accessing X, Y and Z pages on the Unit ..

Using multiple guitars with my H9


Hey all, I've serached the forum and didn't find an answers so I thought I would post this here, thanks for the help in advance!


H9 Midi Controller - DIY


The DIY MIDI controller pictured below for the Eventide H9 was the result of not being able to find any MIDI controllers that had the functionality I was looking for. The H9 is very versatile with MIDI control mapping so I wanted a controller that would let me choose to send either Control Change or Program Change MIDI messages for any of the 4 switches. I had a three button auxiliary switch controller that worked great, but wanted to free up that jack on the H9 for the expression pedal.

Saving a Looper preset with different Depth value


Hi Eventide,


For some reason I can not save a Looper preset with the "Depth" value set to anything other than [OCTAVES], especifically [SMOOTH].

What happens is that when I transfer this preset to the H9, it doesn't keep the [SMOOTH] value, it starts with [OCTAVES] and I know this because when I change the [SPEED] value with an expression pedal it changes from 100 to 50.

And when I load H9 Control again and I load the preset, it seems that the value was not saved at all.



H9 Control bug when CLOCK OUT is ON in standard H9


Every time I try to load the presets from my H9 in the "Presets List" view I get a "Communication error!" message. See the attached image.


If I set the CLOCK OUT value to OFF within the H9 unit, then H9 Control loads perfectly fine.


Another strange behavior I notice when the CLOCK OUT value is set to ON is that it takes at least 10x more time to load the H9 Control (when the "Device connected!" popup message appears).


Another specifications:

Windows 7 64bit

H9 5.2.0[1]


Cant access the H9 input levels




I can't access in anyway the menu to change the input levels, i am holding the left foots witch as stated in the manual, but I can only access the output levels, I have the preset active or bypassed and in any way I can't access the menu. 


Please help me



H9 and BOSS ES-8 MIDI Control


I am a complete noob when it comes to MIDI control. I have seen a number of videos online showing the H9 controlled by various midi footswitches to include the BOSS ES-8. I have tried, very unsuccessfully I might add, to select H9 presets with my ES-8 and could use a little 101 type help in getting this setup.

Insider #33 AES, Blogs, IMSTA and more...

Eventide's spent the fall in NYC. In this issue of Insider, we have some important annoucements for the upcoming AES show.  We're also proud to introduce our new Blogfactor, which encourages our customers to submit blog ideas and articles. Also included is a new MixingLink vocals video, highlights from IMSTA and the award-winning CrushStation algorithim available for the H9 Harmonizer guitar fx pedal.