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Instant Phaser

The Sounds of GLOW

This week, we catch up with Craig Wedren, Bo Boddie, and Matt Wang. Craig and Bo are two of the composers in charge of the soundtrack for Netflix’s GLOW, and Matt is their all-around master assistant. We recently learned that H910 and Blackhole had a major role in the sound of the show, so we had to get the inside scoop.

The Instant Phaser: A Timeless Classic Reborn

The phaser has become a studio staple used both dramatically in songs like Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” or Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and, more often, subtly to widen the sound of any instrument.

Side Chain in Instant Phaser MKII


I am a Cubase 10 user and the side chain functionality for Instant Phaser does not seem to work. Usually the option to create a sidechain is in the menu bar at the top of the plug in window, but it is not present for the instance of Instant Phaser. I have placed other plugins on the same track with succesful side chain operation. I didn't read anywhere that side chain was DAW dependant. Can anyone share any wisdom on this topic, please?

Anthology X Part of 8 best processing / FX bundle

Eventide helped to define the sound of many of the effects we take for granted nowadays, and this bundle can bring all of that mojo to your mixes as well.

—Joe Albano

GearSlutz gives 5 stars to Anthology X

GearSlutz 5 Star Review

Superb sounding with enormous sonic possibilities. Well-rounded and diversified, with useful mixing tools besides the legendary effects...H3000 Factory and UltraReverb are two of the coolest effect plugins ever made!

Richard Factor Interview by @ AES

Richard Factor, one of Eventide's founders, is interviewed by on the vintage rackmount effects we displayed at AES.