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QVox iOS chromatic intervals and delay times


I just purchased QVox for iOS and sadly I see it lacks some BASIC features, here are my suggestions in case the developers check this site or if any other use has any advise on how to overcome them:

H9 Control iOS ver3.7.1 Bugs / Glitches


Hi there, 

using an iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) iOS 13.3.1

Ive been facing some weird glitches with the new iOS version of H9 Control 

1. Preset Sharing, at times, while sharing presets, the iCloud sharing folders don't hi-light (from greyed out) and whilst going back and trying again, the folder appears, but H9 Control crashes, this has happened 4 times today.

H9 Preset Changes from Forscore


I have an H9, and I want to have Forscore send over bluetooth program changes to change presets. How does one do this?