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Space Pedal Control via MIDI over USB from Helix via Mac


I have a Mac that I have my space pedal and helix connected to via USB.  I have the Helix set to output CC100 and the Space set to Toggle Bypass on CC100.  If I connect them both via MIDI cable w/o USB, it works. However it won't work when both are USB. 

I have used Audi Midi Setup to link the I/Os of the Helix and the Space pedal, it seems to have no effect.  Having Logic running or not also has no effect. However I will note that Logic registers the CC100 when the Helix is triggered. 

ROSE - Subtle ops questions - could someone confirm?


One day in, several tutorials and reading, still have questions and speculations.

Hopefully someone can save me a lot of time and confirm my first guesses on undocumented technicalities here.

Is a deeper manual than the quick reference and videos available anywhere?

This has got to be the most beautifully engineered single-process pedal I have ever encountered, with utility I've been waiting years to find. Thanks.


Rose firmware MIDI suggestions


I just ordered a Rose.

If I understand correctly one must use only usb midi control if they wish to leave the expr input available for A-B morphing.
Doing both (A-B morphing and TRS MIDI control) simultaneously would not be possible as there is only one jack and CC#27 only supports A-B switching, not morphing. - I would like to see CC#27 support full A-B morphing so I could use an expression pedal or slider in my midi chain for that and still have other trs midi access.

Programm change possibilities


I've got a free programmable midi pedal and the following idea: I have my effects at the H9 sorted like eg reverb stuff from 1 to 20, octaver stuff from 21 to 40 and so on. I want to be able to jump to preset 20 using program change 2, to 41 using program change 4 and so on. Then use preset increment or decrement with command changes for the desired preset. So program change would only mean "jump to section of similar effects". And the selection of the preset of this type occurs using CCs.

Strymon Sunset activated by Space's MIDI but unable to switch off



I have an Eventide SPACE and a Strymon SUNSET. The SUNSET is a dual overdrive pedal which has 300 presets you can recall by MIDI.

I'm not so familiar with MIDI but I've managed to set my SPACE like this that when in Preset mode.. you go to a certain preset on the SPACE and when activating this certian preset It can activate one of the saved presets on the SUNSET. It works perfectly!

H9000 Midi Control from Footpedal


I currently use a Line 6 Helix an 2 H9s for guitar effects but am looking into using an amp and the H9000 and a midi foot pedal controller instead. I can not find any data on the details of its midi implimentation. Here is what I'm looking for:

Control Change

Progam Change

Midi Clock Recieve

Tap tempo

Is this something that the H9000 will do?

Thank you.


Controlling H9 with wearable MIDI devices


I am new to this forum and I still have to decide whether to buy the H9, so I apologize in advance if these questions are too trivial or has been answered already.

H9 stopped receiving MIDI signals through DIN5.


My FX-Loop H9 has stopped responding to MIDI signals. 

Am I missing something? What can I do to wake up it's DIN5 ears?

The MIDI signal  is from a Keith MacMillan Softstep2 to a SoftStep Expander, into the preamp H9. The settings are below. I swapped out the MIDI cable between the H9s with no success and went from the Expander directly to the FX-Loop H9 "in", but still got no result with the FX-Loop H9. Pre-Amp H9 receives the DIN5 signal normally. The FX-Loop H9 responds fine via bluetooth but not via DIN5. 

Can I take tap tempo into H9 and send out as MIDI clock?


Hey, folks,

I've been doing a few things to get all of my pedals on my board in sync, and I have an external tap tempo I'd like to go into the H9. My pigtronix infinity looper, however, will only take a midi clock for tempo, so I'm wondering, is there a way to send the tempo out over midi on the H9 (based on the tap tempo in), and then send it to MIDI out, and if so, how would I do this?


Rose MIDI Implementation Guide

Rose MIDI Implementation

Rose supports the following MIDI functionality:
  • TRS MIDI input
  • USB MIDI input/output
  • Continuous control (CC) messages received for real-time control.
  • Program Change
  • System Exclusive (SYSEX) dump of presets and entire system state