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Mixing link as a/b switch


I am a trombone player and have pretty specific requirements for my setup that I am wondering whether the mixing link can solve for me. Hope you can help!

I need to be able to switch between two input types going in to the same pedalboard. Input 1 is a condenser mic that requires phantom power. Input 2 is a 1/4 inch.

I need to be able to switch (latch) between these two inputs and preferably set the volume individually for each input. Would this be possible?


Mixing Link preamp voicing


Hi everyone,

I need a piece of gear to suit a variety of applications - one of which is a mic recording preamp. Because I have been unable to find the relevant information, I would therefore like to ask all you Mixing Link users how the preamp is voiced: is it totally transparent, just plain clean, or is it in any way coloured - and if that is the case, in which?

Thank you so much!

Best regards,