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MixingLink with Guitar FX Pedal Board & Rack FX?



I recently purchased a MixingLink specifically for the purpose of using my guitar FX pedals with various synthesizers in my home studio for the MixingLink's impedance matching capabilities. Additionally, I have a Lexicon MX200 FX processor rack that I would also like to incorporate into my setup. My question is in regards to the signal path and how to incorporate the Lexicon MX200.

H9 phase issue



I have been trying the H9 with my mixing link to hear the effects on vocals.

Im noticing a kind of phase issue with the H9.

It sounds like the voice goes from the middle of the mix (no H9) to more off to the sides and almost like there is a strange /light phaser on the voice when H9 is engaged. Im getting this change even when the preset is deactivated.

Every time I listen through the H9 I get this and with the mixing link I can check with other pedals and bypassed (no issue).

Software and firmware is updated.

An Ingenious Electronic Design

Ideal for any creative and adventurous music producer looking for a new sound or technique, MixingLink is superb for interconnecting any pieces of gear together.

Insider #33 AES, Blogs, IMSTA and more...

Eventide's spent the fall in NYC. In this issue of Insider, we have some important annoucements for the upcoming AES show.  We're also proud to introduce our new Blogfactor, which encourages our customers to submit blog ideas and articles. Also included is a new MixingLink vocals video, highlights from IMSTA and the award-winning CrushStation algorithim available for the H9 Harmonizer guitar fx pedal.

Eventide at SXSW 2015

Russell hangs out with Adrian Belew at this years SXSW. Check out more images on our instagram page.

MixingLink Preamp w/ Effects Loop

"Mic Pre with FX Loop," is so much more than that...The practical applications are endless!

Eventide Introduces the MixingLink

High-quality mic pre with effects loop and phantom power

Today, Eventide announced a new studio-quality microphone pre amp plus effects loop in a compact stompbox form factor. The MixingLink™ fits neatly on a pedal board or in a backpack, making the wide world of guitar stompbox effects available to vocalists. Shipping in December, the MixingLink will be available from authorized Eventide dealers and at