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Modfactor Algorithms need revisiting


I had a Modfactor and found it to be very sterile compared to a lot of other oedals onnthe market. I know gave two H9’s and would love to see some good reworking of the mod algo’s. I remember Eventide doing a remake of the vintage delay which was terrific. Lots of people want a good Univibe and a warmer analogue sounding chorus.... come on Eventide no more overdrive fuzz stuff give us mods to be proud of.

TimeFactor delay time "slew/drag"


I apologize if there's already a thread on this topic. I tried to search for one but I'm probably not using the correct terminology.

wet dry mix on modulation algorithms


hi guys.
i cant seem to find another topic addressing this but im wanting to blend a flange under my clean tone. is this at all possible with the h9?
as if it was in parrallel.. so i could then have some pretty crazy effect but not take over the sound..
similarly to make a chorus less noticable.
the intensity control even at 0 still sounds really affected by the effect.


More ... With Less

The reverb, delay, modulation, pitch shifting, and compression sounds are truly studio quality, and especially impressive in stereo....everything else is superb...It didn’t take long for me to see the beauty of the software and the control it offers over the pedal. 

ToneReport's Gear Review: SpaceTime

Of all the new H9-specific algorithms, this SpaceTime is by far and away my favorite to date.  SpaceTime is essentially a little pedalboard of time-based effects crammed into one algorithm. Each component has easy-to-tweak, minimal controls, yet the ambient possibilities upon summation are only stifled by the limits of the programmer. 

The Only Effects Pedal You'll Ever Need

For both gigging and studio guitarists, the H9 Max might be the only effects pedal you'll ever need. No more hauling around a bag or pedal board of effects and spaghetti mess of cords. I haven't found a pedal out there yet that offers more, and predict many effects boxes will be collecting dust as guitarists catch wind of the massive power, versatility and imaginative sounds the H9 Max offers.

Exploring SpaceTime

Exploring SpaceTime

Einstein reportedly once defined "crazy" as repeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. At Eventide we call that "delay," but you can call it whatever you like. It’s all relative, right? And thus, we humbly offer our own proof of the theory of General Relativity on (or about) the 100th anniversary of its publication: SpaceTime. The SpaceTime algorithm contains three custom-built effects that can help you further your studies of how time and space interact with sound.

SpaceTime now available for all H9 models

SpaceTime is now available for all H9 models.


  • Twin Delays with controls for level and feedback

  • Modulation with controls for amount and rate

  • Reverb with controls for decay, level and color

Press Release: Enter the 4th Dimension with Eventide @ NAMM


Enter the 4th Dimension with Eventide at NAMM

January 13, 2016 - Little Ferry, NJ - The 2016 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California will be special for Eventide as they celebrate the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer® being inducted into the TEC Awards Hall of Fame! From its creation in 1986, through this day, the H3000 is considered the holy grail of multi-effects and has been heard on countless records, worldwide.