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Octavox bounce issue


Im running Octavox 3.7.6 on Logic Pro X 10.5.1.

Once i record it, the midi plays perfectly with all parameters i've set, but when i bounce/consolidate the track, it just acts as if it was a demo version. It kinda chops a great deal of the section consolidated and doesn't follow the melody played in midi.

Anyone with the same issue?

Octavox plays pitch instead on interval relative to root


I'm running Octavox through logic pro and I'm wondering if there is a way to have the harmonies play the note written instead of the relative interval. So if I play an Ab, the harmony will be an Ab instead of a 6th above C.

Octavox MIDI Functionality Question




First time poster here, have really enjoyed playing around with the Octavox demo! Very quality plugin with very smooth harmony generation and awesome delay effects. I had a question regarding MIDI functionality though, before pulling the trigger on purchasing...

GearSlutz gives 5 stars to Octavox

My favorite application for Octavox is on the lead vocal track, as it can quickly change a mono vocal into a massive stereo vocal...a lackluster mono vocal will begin to seep into the outer bounds of the stereo field, inducing a three dimensional-like quality.

GearSlutz gives 5 stars to Anthology X

GearSlutz 5 Star Review

Superb sounding with enormous sonic possibilities. Well-rounded and diversified, with useful mixing tools besides the legendary effects...H3000 Factory and UltraReverb are two of the coolest effect plugins ever made!