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How to Update Eventide Rackmount Audio Units

The following applies to Eclipse, BD600 and BD600E, Orville, DSP7000 family, H7600 and H8000 family.
Please note
  • Reverb 2016 is not currently upgradeable
  • DSP4000 family updates are no longer available.

Eventide rack-mount Audio Units can be upgraded in various ways:

  • By downloading the update from the Eventide Web Site and sending it to the unit by means of a serial cable.

Need help updating Orville to final OS version



I have an Orville running bootROM 1.071 and OS 2.515.

I have a Sabrent USB>Serial adapter that is passing signal to Orville (e.g. it works with Vsig).

When I hold down "2" on boot to enter OS update mode, I am immediately taken to the "test" page - there is no screen that tells me to release the "2" button. 

I have tried to release the two at different times (before/after the 1st and 2nd relay sounds on boot), but I only either get the "test" screen, or the unit boots completely.

Any ideas for how to get this unit up to the final OS release?

Orville Patches / Presets for Vocals


Hello, I am trying to track down some great vocal presets for the Orville. Looking online I'm seeing reference to a number of Eventide presets that were used on various processors in the 80's (one sound I'm looking to achieve). Some of these appear to have been on the H3000. I'm wondering if any of these can be found online, and transferred to the Orville using MIDI? I do have MIDI setup properly on my Orville to transmit patches using VSig. 

Here's some of the patches I've seen referenced that appear to be best for vocals:

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Richard Factor

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H9 CrushStation Saturation with an Orville



I have had my orville for around 5 years. I just managed to update it to v3.002 on Mac with some advice from Italo.

I'm currently using a lot of Harmonics / Saturation processors ITB & noticed that the H9 offeres a new "CrushStation". I would like to know if the sounds & algos used on the H9 are possible to recreate with an Orville?

I havent yet dug into vSigX but I have (I believe) a working version & a working Serial - USB adapter. I'm just searching for a decent learning recource for it before I dig in "blind".

2 amps and an Orville, best way to achieve the best sound?


I just purchased a Bogner head & cabinet to go with my EVH 5150III combo amp. I want to run them together with my Orville, how do I hook it all up? Hoping to create a big, stereo type sound, but I am not sure the best way to achieve this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Orville Software Update

OS Version 3.0 for the Orville, DSP7000 and DSP7500 series of Harmonizer® brand effects processors

This update method requires a Windows XP system with a USB to Serial Adapter connecting the Orville to the PC.