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H9 Core, Ghost Custom Device Name and Bluetooth


Hi. I purchased a factory re-pack and am experiencing something strange. The unit pairs via Bluetooth to my iPhone 7 without a hitch and shows up as the default model number name but, when I tried to pair it with a 2011 MacMini and a 2016 MacBookPro, the Bluetooth window shows intermittant names for the unit: the Number Name and what i think is the previous user's Custom Name, "James's 7th Fire". I did a factory reset on the Core unit and was surprised to see that the custom name continued to show up, sometimes alongside the Number name in the Bluetooth preferences.

Ensemble Bundle for Mac


  • UltraTap: Fixed issue where UltraTap could potentially crash at higher sample rates
  • UltraTap: Updated maximum Length from 4 seconds to 10 seconds. Users should be aware that this could slightly alter automation of the Length parameter when in Tempo Sync OFF mode
  • UltraTap: Added MIDI support for Active and Hotswitch and changed Tap to respond to MIDI CC instead of MIDI Note On/Off messages


  • Fix problem where tempo could inadvertently be changed while in Tempo Sync mode