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Eventide Plugins built in preset browser not working?


Hello Eventide! 

I recently decided to buy a new Mac Mini (2018 3.2GHZ i7, Six Core) and did a fresh install of all the latest Eventide Plugins from your website.

I am using Mac OS X 10.14.5 Mojave. I previously was using 10.13.6 High Sierra, and none of the preset browsers were working normally there either..

Is there anyway to restore the preset menus so that they work the way they should?

I already tried searching the website and the Forum just a little bit, you have a page here:

Instant Flanger Mk II Installer for Windows

Release Notes


  • Fix occasional installation issue with VC++ distribution


  • Updated plugins with more robust fix for Cubase blacklisting issue. Users will need to download the latest iLok License Manager to take advantage of this fix.


  • Fixes an issue where plugin would be blacklisted or not load in some DAWs on Windows


  • Added notarization support and removed 32-bit builds from macOS installer
  • Added correct signing to Windows installer

Instant Flanger Mk II Installer for Mac

Release Notes


  • Fix occasional crash during installation on macOS High Sierra
  • Fix issue where plugin was not loading in GarageBand on macOS Catalina


  • Updated plugins and installers to be fully compatible with Catalina
  • Moved Presets and Documentation from ~/Documents/Eventide to ~/Music/Eventide
  • Fixed a bug where the preset dropdown menu would not appear in GarageBand
  • Fixed a bug where the Info button would not open the User Guide in GarageBand


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