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Elevate Bundle looking for Presets in the wrong location


Hi, I'm just diving in and want to explore the presets but the Preset Selector is empty. When I click Load, it's looking in: HD Root/ Music/NewfangledAudio/EQivocate but these folders are all empty. 

I do see that the presets are available at their proper location, according to the manual, User¿/Music/Newfangled Audio/EQuivocate/Preset but when I navigate to this folder and select a preset i can only select one at a time and the Preset Selector doesn't remember to keep looking here. It goes back to the HD root location each time. It makes for some slow going.

Delete Multiple Presets on H9 via the iPad app




I have 99 Presets on the H9 pedal which i now want to delete/remove.

I am using the iPad app to organize presets, but it seems i can only delete 1 preset at a time.

Not possible to select multiple presets and choose delete?

H9 - DOD meat box preset, anyone?


Has nyone tried to replicate something like the DOD Meatbox or something alike?

The idea is to slide mi finger across the fretboard from the 12th fret of my bass to the top and to make the earth rumble lika an earthquake 

Im dead serious 

not quite, but yeah, Let me shake the planet with my H9!! 

SpaceTime now available for all H9 models

SpaceTime is now available for all H9 models.


  • Twin Delays with controls for level and feedback

  • Modulation with controls for amount and rate

  • Reverb with controls for decay, level and color

How To H9 Still Previous Notes When Changing Preset ?


If I bypass the H9,

it still have previous notes with previous effect,

but if I change different preset it just jump to next preset without previous effect,

anyone have way to solve?

CrushStation Now Available for H9


H9 Gets Dirty

From Eventide Labs, a new Species of Grit – CrushStation – emerges from the slime.