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ROSE - 3.15 Preset 2-2: Envelope + Expression LFO... How?


Going through the default presets which came upon installing firmware 3.15, preset 2 bank 2 (sq wave) presents a mystery which eludes me: The shape LED, audio behavior, and green rose all indicate 'envelope' function, and yet at the same a red LED at the hotswitch seems to behave as a 'sin LFO' proportional to the trs expression pedal.

Does anyone have some theory on how this patch was accomplished?

H3000 VST


Is there a way to change the default location of the presets?


IOW I'd like to change the default folder in which the H3000 VST looks for the preset files.



Eventide Plugins built in preset browser not working?


Hello Eventide! 

I recently decided to buy a new Mac Mini (2018 3.2GHZ i7, Six Core) and did a fresh install of all the latest Eventide Plugins from your website.

I am using Mac OS X 10.14.5 Mojave. I previously was using 10.13.6 High Sierra, and none of the preset browsers were working normally there either..

Is there anyway to restore the preset menus so that they work the way they should?

I already tried searching the website and the Forum just a little bit, you have a page here:

Orville Patches / Presets for Vocals


Hello, I am trying to track down some great vocal presets for the Orville. Looking online I'm seeing reference to a number of Eventide presets that were used on various processors in the 80's (one sound I'm looking to achieve). Some of these appear to have been on the H3000. I'm wondering if any of these can be found online, and transferred to the Orville using MIDI? I do have MIDI setup properly on my Orville to transmit patches using VSig. 

Here's some of the patches I've seen referenced that appear to be best for vocals:

H9 Preset Weirdness


I bought a core and have created 33 presets based mostly on delays, but there are 11 instances of 949 Chorus following those and I can't delete them. I would never use this preset, much less 11 identical copies. Weirder still, in an attempt to get rid of these, I renamed one "L" just to see if I could delete it - and now there are 5 presets called L that I can't delete.

I can delete these on my iPad presets, but when I sync to the H9, there they are - and seems like they're multiplying like bacteria.

Preset List Names...or just numbers?



 I recently bought the Blackhold vst plugin. I am using in vst host software for live performance, rather than in a DAW.

H9 phase issue



I have been trying the H9 with my mixing link to hear the effects on vocals.

Im noticing a kind of phase issue with the H9.

It sounds like the voice goes from the middle of the mix (no H9) to more off to the sides and almost like there is a strange /light phaser on the voice when H9 is engaged. Im getting this change even when the preset is deactivated.

Every time I listen through the H9 I get this and with the mixing link I can check with other pedals and bypassed (no issue).

Software and firmware is updated.

Recording's Review of H9 MAX

"With all of these new algorithms and more on the way, the H9 becomes a better and better value every day. With the H9 Max, your initial investment pays more and more dividends over time... and while you’re racking up new presets, you get to bask in that signature Eventide sound that’s made so many hits. A bargain for sure!"

To read the rest of the review pick up the holiday issue of Recording Magazine at your local newstand.

Suggestion for next H9 control update


Okay, here's a suggestion that would be incredibly useful, and hopefully not that hard to implement.

In regard to the preset list editor... it's not exactly the most versatile setup as it currently is. I generally have a basic list that I use all of the time. I like to keep similar algorithm presets next to each other, but, as I come up with new sounds or just want to add something to my list, there's no easy way to do it, in the sense of organizing, because of two reasons..


H3000 Factory and Blackhole Update

64-bit plug-ins now compatible with Pro Tools 11, VST Mac and PC and AU – no dongle required