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H9000 Looping Controller Pedal


Anyone using the KMI Softstep and/or 12 Step for Live looping and control of the H9000?


Press Release: Eventide Sponsors New Podcast Focused on the Art of Recording

New York, NY — December 20, 2016 — Today, Eventide announced Gear Club, a new podcast featuring veteran audio engineers John Agnello and Stewart Lerman as resident gear experts. The podcast is an informative, unexpurgated look at the art of recording by leading practitioners of the art. With over 60 years of making groundbreaking records and music for film and TV, John and Stew have more than a few stories to tell!

DDL-500 is Second to None

…There are hundreds of delay plugins but the DDL-500 offers many advantages, first and foremost of which is its utterly amazing sound. The DDL-500 is ultra-clean and pristine, giving an exact 1:1 copy of your source if you wish, but the analog signal path offers a similar intangible “analog air” quality like you get when comparing vintage hardware to equivalent software models.

Recording's Review of H9 MAX

"With all of these new algorithms and more on the way, the H9 becomes a better and better value every day. With the H9 Max, your initial investment pays more and more dividends over time... and while you’re racking up new presets, you get to bask in that signature Eventide sound that’s made so many hits. A bargain for sure!"

To read the rest of the review pick up the holiday issue of Recording Magazine at your local newstand.