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Spring Installer (Mac 64-bit)

Release Notes


  • Fixed a bug where the UI could become blank after a period of inactivity


  • Fix an issue where clip meters did not always illuminate when clipping had occurred


  • Correctly bound BPM when tempo is synced to host


  • Fix an occasional crash in VST3 when changing the plugin's channel configuration
  • Add artist presets from Steve Marcantonio


  • Updated user guide


Blackhole Stereo-in mono-out


I've been experimenting with the blackhole reverb and have not been able to get it into a mode I need it to work in. The manual says it can be used as mono-in mono-out, mono-in stereo-out, or stereo-in stereo-out but it doesn't mention how to switch between these modes (assuming they can be changed). I've been trying to pan things within my reverb but have not been able to because the output of the reverb seems to be a pseudo-stereo that keeps all of the elements centered no matter how they are panned.

Is there a way to get around this?

Tape Op Tverb review

Tverb is an impressive and unique reverb with a surprisingly low CPU footprint...No one could ever match Bowie's performance on "Heroes," but now we can sort out what a drum bus send might have sounded like through the same signal chain – in stereo, without buying a ticket to Berlin.

Tape Op SP2016 Reverb Review

This reverb could be your desert island reverb and lives up to its reputation as a studio powerhouse.

A Glimpse of the Future from the Past

In 1979, Tony Agnello had a vision. Up to that point, effect units were dedicated to a single function. There were EQs, compressors, limiters, pitch changers, flangers and phasers, but no box was powerful enough to handle more than a single, simple function. Tony saw the potential of a Digital Signal Processing box that could do much, much more.

Van Halen-First Album Reverb


Does anyone have any presets and/or settings for the H9 that can achieve a convincing Reverb sound from the first Van Halen album?

I've been toying around with the "GuitPlate" preset and getting some nice sounds, but I was just wondering if anyone had any settings to share...any help is much appreciated!