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initializing the Dante card without having to connect it to a LAN


I've set up my Dante card to route audio from 1 in to 1 out, 2 in to 2 out, 3 in to 3 out, etc., so that I can route audio from one FX chain to the next, and it works well except that it won't 'initialize' until after I plug the Dante card into my LAN via Ethernet. Every time I restart the H9KR I have to plug the Dante card into my LAN to get it going. It doesn't have to stay plugged in afterwards, and my computer doesn't have to be connected to it either. Any pointers on how to have the Dante card initialize when the H9KR boots up? 

H8000FW Routing Question


hi Folks,

My H8000FW is connected to a RME800 via ADAT.

I want at the H8000 following Routing

ADAT Input 1-2 goes to DSPA  and out ADAT 1-2

ADAT Input 3-4 goes direkt to AES 1-2 out and this Signal came back to Input AES1-2 and out to ADAT3-4

ADAT Input 5-6 goes to DSPB and back out to ADAT 5-6

ADAT Input 7-8 goes direkt to AES 3-4 out and this Signal came back to Input AES 3-4 and out to ADAT 7-8


all, at 44,1

M problem is i didn´t get the AES Input back. What do i wrong ?

It is possible ?

Thank you

H9 Pre/Post mode - Clean Blend possible?


I have my H9 wired for Pre/Post routing, and was wondering if it was possible to use it for blending the clean signal or as a low pass+loop. The current routing is: H9 > Rat > OD > EQ > H9, with Pre or Post set depending on the algo. I was hoping to be able to blend in clean signal with the Rat/OD in order to get more tonal options, and to avoid bass rolloff with the Rat.

Is this at all possible?

2 amps and an Orville, best way to achieve the best sound?


I just purchased a Bogner head & cabinet to go with my EVH 5150III combo amp. I want to run them together with my Orville, how do I hook it all up? Hoping to create a big, stereo type sound, but I am not sure the best way to achieve this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


Eventide Updates Entire Stompbox Line

Eventide Updates Entire Stompbox Line

Pre/Post routing and other features for its H9, ModFactor, TimeFactor, PitchFactor and Space stompboxes.