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About timefactor software update


Hi, I'm a bit confuse about software update. My timefactor currently shows 5.0.1[3].

If I go to the software update pages I can find on this site, I'm finding different softwares and different versions:

There's a direct updater 1.7.0, and an H9 control app 3.5.2.

TF Software Update download failed. "Incorrect Checksum"


I'm trying to update my Timefactor finally and I can get as far as choosing the update I want to install ( 5.2.0[6] ), and when I click to update I get this error popup that says "Downloading update failed  The update file did not download correctly; the received file has an incorrect checksum. Please try again." I'm using the 10.9 updater on my Mac on 10.9.5. I has no idea what the heck a checksum is, so I'm at an impass.


Little help?

No bypass mode!


Hi guys! I just updated the software on my Modfactor to the new 5.2.0 (beta) version. I understand there might be bugs due to it being a beta version, but I was wondering if anyone has the same issue as me. I plugged my Modfactor into my laptop and ran the H9 app for Windows. Now it doesn't matter whether I have the effect set to ACTIVE or BYPASS, the effect stays on! So there's no bypassing the effect...

Release Notes for v5.4.0

H9 V5.4 Manual Changes and ReleaseNotes


If you are in PRE/POST mode when enabling the Tuner, the H9 will temporarily set the Routing to PRE. Similarly, INSWEL and OUTSWL will be temporarily disabled. All these will be restored on exiting the Tuner.

Killdry – Send/Return Loop

Setting Killdry on a preset-by-preset basis

Killdry can also be set on a preset-by-preset basis. The choices are: