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About timefactor software update


Hi, I'm a bit confuse about software update. My timefactor currently shows 5.0.1[3].

If I go to the software update pages I can find on this site, I'm finding different softwares and different versions:

There's a direct updater 1.7.0, and an H9 control app 3.5.2.

TF Software Update download failed. "Incorrect Checksum"


I'm trying to update my Timefactor finally and I can get as far as choosing the update I want to install ( 5.2.0[6] ), and when I click to update I get this error popup that says "Downloading update failed  The update file did not download correctly; the received file has an incorrect checksum. Please try again." I'm using the 10.9 updater on my Mac on 10.9.5. I has no idea what the heck a checksum is, so I'm at an impass.


Little help?

No bypass mode!


Hi guys! I just updated the software on my Modfactor to the new 5.2.0 (beta) version. I understand there might be bugs due to it being a beta version, but I was wondering if anyone has the same issue as me. I plugged my Modfactor into my laptop and ran the H9 app for Windows. Now it doesn't matter whether I have the effect set to ACTIVE or BYPASS, the effect stays on! So there's no bypassing the effect...

Release Notes for v5.8.5[1]


5.8.5[1] Release Notes:

Added TriceraChorus [TRICER] algorithm to the H9. TriceraChorus is a three voice chorus and two voice detuner, all in one H9 Algorithm.

Updated H9 Max Factory Preset List to v4.  This preset list includes presets from the TriceraChorus algorithm.