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SP2016 Reverb in FL Studio with big issues


Hello, I bought SP2016 Reverb a month or so ago, I have never gotten it to function properly in FL studio, currently using the newest version. The effect is there, but it has such distortion and unclean sound, it is not usable on any projects, sad really, because the plugin is awesome.

SP2016 requests


Hi I love SP2016, its very useful, but I always find myself needing to put a panning plugin before SP2016
- Could you please add a pan fader before position fader? It would be so useful! (although it was not present on original unit)

A Glimpse of the Future from the Past

In 1979, Tony Agnello had a vision. Up to that point, effect units were dedicated to a single function. There were EQs, compressors, limiters, pitch changers, flangers and phasers, but no box was powerful enough to handle more than a single, simple function. Tony saw the potential of a Digital Signal Processing box that could do much, much more.

Eventide Announces New SP2016 Reverb Plug-in

Faithfully Recreating Legendary Algorithms from the Ground-breaking Hardware

LITTLE FERRY, NJ, USA: Eventide is proud to announce availability of the SP2016 Reverb plug-in — perfectly recreating a classic collection of reverb algorithms from its history-making SP2016, pro audio’s first rackmount multi-effects processor — as of October 1st…

The Modern Producer Reviews 2016 Stereo Room

Within 15 seconds I had some classic 80’s snare reverb running...The slightly grainy resolution and light modulation on the decay is spot on.