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Issue with ALL Eventide plugins in Studio One 4 Prof: Automations not working when rendering in real time.



I have come across a rather annoying issue with Eventide plugins upon rendering a song in real-time in Studio One 4 Professsional (I own Blackhole, H910 Harmonizer, SP2016 Reverb and Crushstation, tested on all 4).

Automations of any of the plugins parameters won't simply work. If rendering offline there's no issue though. During normal playback all automation work fine and tried on many other plugins from different manufacturers (Waves, Soundtoys, Voxengo, etc) with no issues.

Bugs with Advanced Looper Use in 5.2 - and some suggestions?


Hi - First time poster, but longtime user. Thought I'd bring these to the forum's attention, though I've already sent it into Eventide via email too. Looking for solutions, or commiseration... Has anyone else experienced these? Or thought about some suggestions for the near future here? TIA...


I love the Looper that has been updated on the TimeFactor. It answers many things I've been looking for in a -modern-still-available- product. I have found a major bug though that I hope you can correct soon: