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New Looper available for H9 and Timefactor

Announcing the much anticipated new Looper algorithm TimeFactor and H9. The new Looper is available for download via H9 Control App. H9 and H9 Core customers can experience the new Looper free of charge until the end of February. TimeFactor customers will automatically receive the new Looper by updating to the latest software v5.0.1 (which also includes support for H9 Control).

Where does the H9 Control app store my timefactor presets?


Hi, when using the H9 Control app to save/backup my Timefactor presets, where does it save them? Ho to backup or move them to another disk? Where can I find them?

Should I perform an upgrade to my timefactor?


Hi, I have a timefactor pedal, and I installed the eventide direct updater. Attaching what it currently says.

Basically, I've got v5.0.1 installed, but it says 3.5.0 is available. So I don't understand: why should I install a previous version? Or is it something else?

Then there's also a v5.2.0 which is said for H9 Control compatibility, but my pedal till now just worked well with the H9 Control software (I use it for backing up my presets)

So I really do not understand what and why I should eventually update.

Could anyone shed some light? Thank you.

About timefactor software update


Hi, I'm a bit confuse about software update. My timefactor currently shows 5.0.1[3].

If I go to the software update pages I can find on this site, I'm finding different softwares and different versions:

There's a direct updater 1.7.0, and an H9 control app 3.5.2.

Timefactor noise issue


Hi, I've got exactly this issue right now with my unit:

There's also another thread about this:

Can you suggest any solution?

I'm testing it alone, out of the pedals chain and powered by its own original eventide adapter.

TF Software Update download failed. "Incorrect Checksum"


I'm trying to update my Timefactor finally and I can get as far as choosing the update I want to install ( 5.2.0[6] ), and when I click to update I get this error popup that says "Downloading update failed  The update file did not download correctly; the received file has an incorrect checksum. Please try again." I'm using the 10.9 updater on my Mac on 10.9.5. I has no idea what the heck a checksum is, so I'm at an impass.


Little help?

TimeFactor Patch Name Not in Appearing on Display Via H9 Control Switching


Hey guys!

I'm wondering why the appropriate patch name isn't show up on my TimeFactor when I switch patches via the H9 Control App. I have a SPACE unit that is working just fine with the H9 Controller. I don't understand why the patch name isn't appearing on the TimeFactor display after switching patches. It's a mystery that I can't seem to solve.

If anybody has any thoughts on how to fix, please let me know.



TimeFactor delay time "slew/drag"


I apologize if there's already a thread on this topic. I tried to search for one but I'm probably not using the correct terminology.



Does anyone know if there is a way to attach an adapter to my timefactor so that I can connect to the h9 app via bluetooth? Just curious, it would make my life easier if I didnt have to attach a 6' usb type b to it. 

Replacing the MIDI Connectors on all the Factor Pedals


Hi Folks,

I have an idea for replacing the midi connectors on all my factor pedals.  I've been looking around at a better solution because I can't seem to fit all four pedals on a single drawer in my rack because of the midi connectors.

So, I started brainstorming and I thought to myself, why can't I just replace the midi connector with a different low-profile connector that has up to 5 lines of connections for data transfer?  So, it came to me that I could possibly replace it with a USB Micro type B connector like this one: