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Rose not updating


My Rose is not being recognized by the "Device Manager" it's says 0 Devices found.
My computer see's the Rose in the Device Manager area of tools in my windows 10 but nothing is happening .

ROSE - Update via Eventide Device Manager 1.5.0 - brief scare. OK.


[SYNOPSIS: If EDM update of Rose fails, try again.]

I concluded that my new Rose RS-017nn was running earlier firmware because it lacked banks for presets.

Should I perform an upgrade to my timefactor?


Hi, I have a timefactor pedal, and I installed the eventide direct updater. Attaching what it currently says.

Basically, I've got v5.0.1 installed, but it says 3.5.0 is available. So I don't understand: why should I install a previous version? Or is it something else?

Then there's also a v5.2.0 which is said for H9 Control compatibility, but my pedal till now just worked well with the H9 Control software (I use it for backing up my presets)

So I really do not understand what and why I should eventually update.

Could anyone shed some light? Thank you.

VST installers should 'remember' the location used to install the plugins


VST installers should 'remember' the location used to install the plugins.

So when updating or reinstalling that the default location for the installation of the VST is in the previous location.

This is easy to do, numerous other plugin installers do it and I've done it for the programs I've created. For Windows installers - one way is to store the location in the system Registry.

As someone who owns a fair number of your plugins having to change the both the 32 & 64 bit locations for every plugin I'm updating is a pain.

I can't update of modfactor !!



I tried to update (ver.5.2) with Direct updater any time , but my screen reflected "Update trnceferred!" and modfactor wasn't updated ...

My computer's OS windows 8.1. and I use USB.

I can't be supported of repairing because I live in Japan and my modfactor is paralell import goods from US.

I'm sorry, I cant use English well.

Please, Help me! 


H9 Midi Port Option Gone from H9 Control


Hey guys! So, I have a question. . . Well, an observation really. Has anyone else noticed that the option to assign the H9 as a virtual port is missing now? I just upgraded to the newest version of H9 Control and that option is now gone. Is there a reason for that? Thanks in advance!


Orville Software Update

OS Version 3.0 for the Orville, DSP7000 and DSP7500 series of Harmonizer® brand effects processors

This update method requires a Windows XP system with a USB to Serial Adapter connecting the Orville to the PC.


Eventide Updates H9 Control App

Bluetooth wireless control for Windows and Mac plus support for TimeFactor added

Today, Eventide announced the posting and immediate availability of v1.6.0 of H9 Control app - a free software download.  The new software adds support for TimeFactor and its new looper algorithm in addition to support for ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space, H9, and H9 Core. The latest version of H9 Control is available for download: Click here.

The new version features: