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ROSE - Update via Eventide Device Manager 1.5.0 - brief scare. OK.


[SYNOPSIS: If EDM update of Rose fails, try again.]

I concluded that my new Rose RS-017nn was running earlier firmware because it lacked banks for presets.

H9000, USB, and Deterministic Latency


H9000, USB, and Deterministic Latency:

I was hoping to incorporate the H9000 into my hybrid mixing environment by using it's USB audio interface capability in addition to my existing hardware I/O, because at the moment I have no spare analog I/O channels  to patch it into my interface setup. Unfortunately I discovered that  when using the H9000 as a USB interface, system latency is not consistent nor deterministic and does not remain the same after reboot, or when changing sample rates.

H9000 + Ableton + External Soundcard = USB In/out possible?



I have a H9000 + RME Audio Interface and ableton / protools

Im using the H9000 with Ableton via AES / EBU for 1x Stereo Channel. so far so good.

i was wanting to utilise the H9000's USB Audio IO capabilities if possible but Disableton Live only permits use of one 'device' for Audio IO (as far as i know) so if i select the H9000's USB IO, i loose the ability to use my RME audio card..

does anyone know a way around this?


thank you :)