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usb port

future hardware feature request


As I try to figure out how to work with midi and its limitations on my H9, it occurs to me it's such an old and clunky solution. The plugs are large, communicaiton is monodirectional unless you have 2! cables, etc. I would love to see an industry leader like Eventide innovate in this space, and offer a pair of standard USB type C ports on future products. My 2 midi equipped pedals currently offer different USB type plugs and you can't daisy chain them. That's just dumb.



I was just going to buy the Ultrachannel plugin, but couldn't check out, cause the shopping cart insisted on entering an Ilok ID...

Using Google, I found its some sort of USB copy protection from an outfit named Pace, and actually is something like a USB dongle costing an extra $50 just to stuff up one of the two USB ports I have on my lil laptop?

I take it, part of the $49 discounted deal for Ultrachannel must be sponsored by Pace to get more people buying their USB boondoggle?