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future hardware feature request


As I try to figure out how to work with midi and its limitations on my H9, it occurs to me it's such an old and clunky solution. The plugs are large, communicaiton is monodirectional unless you have 2! cables, etc. I would love to see an industry leader like Eventide innovate in this space, and offer a pair of standard USB type C ports on future products. My 2 midi equipped pedals currently offer different USB type plugs and you can't daisy chain them. That's just dumb.

Space Pedal Midi Clock


Hello. Can somebody help me how can I setup my Eventide Space pedal to ignore the midi clock massege from the USB on which I send CC automation and to be able to send the Midi Clock to the pedal thru its Midi Input ??? Thanks. So maybe I need to filter out the Midi Clock message from USB and I want to send the clock message from a Midi Clock source to the midi input !!! Thanks for the help ...