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VST installers should 'remember' the location used to install the plugins


VST installers should 'remember' the location used to install the plugins.

So when updating or reinstalling that the default location for the installation of the VST is in the previous location.

This is easy to do, numerous other plugin installers do it and I've done it for the programs I've created. For Windows installers - one way is to store the location in the system Registry.

As someone who owns a fair number of your plugins having to change the both the 32 & 64 bit locations for every plugin I'm updating is a pain.

Blackhole and Ardour: no go.




I recently bought the Blackhole plugin, it performs magnificent in Apple Mainstage 3.

But when I wanted to use it in my favourite DAW, Ardour, it would not load.

I already informed the tech team of Ardour. The thing is, they need to get to the bottom why exactly this particular plugin will not load. It is not a license (iLok) issue, since other iLok licensed plugins just do load. There is something coded differently than how things are done in other plugins, they presume.

The necessary infos:

Reaper won't show 2016 Stereo Room in VST list


Hi everyone and first of all, sorry for this long and boring post,

I went through some of the other topics that address the same problem and followed the suggested steps.

Mix Tverb Review

Tverb’s Meistersaal room simulation is full of character, and being able to sculpt its intrinsic nature in specific ways greatly expands this plug-in’s usefulness. 

The Glitch is Back!

We just love Laurie Anderson, the revered avant-garde artist, composer, musician and film director. She was kind enough to chat with us about the H910 Harmonizer. A long time user of the original hardware, she was very excited to find out the plug-in was recreated to sound just like the original (glitches and all). 

More than Just Another Reverb

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Lost in Space

Reverb as an instrument unto itself might seem far-fetched, but Blackhole fetches far further than your average reverb unit...The sound quality is simply outstanding, all the essential features are there, and it invites a degree of painless creativity that standard reverb units just can't match. 

Press Release: Eventide Teams with Tony Visconti to Create a Powerful New Plugin


Eventide Teams with Tony Visconti to Create a Powerful New Plugin

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