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Anthology X sounds much better than my old TDM system

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful present... it came just in time as we are starting our work on mixing. Please pass on my appreciation to the entire team who worked on the Anthology X platform... it's better than ever. (Even the older mono plugs in flanger and phaser are not stereo compatible...too cool.) I have not yet made it thru all the plugs but the Octovox / Quadravox were one of my go to favorites in sweetening guitar leads and after having to try to emulate them with other branded plugs ins... although some were great simulated covers, for me; that only worked if you never heard the real thing. Putting back in these Eventide plug ins simply made me smile as I no longer had the mental reminders as to how good it sounded on my old TDM system.

Alex Campbell
October 22, 2015