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silver_mica's Eventide Gear

I'm an artist trapped in an engineer's body. My current occupation is "feral engineer”.

At one time I owned an Orville - Here's a recording of it:


Fender Twin Reverb - 1979 Silver Face

Line 6 15 watt amp (blech)

Fender Ultimate Chorus Amp bought in 1999 - much easier to carry than my Twin Reverb

Orange Crush RT35 Amp (2015) - I have two of these amps

Pignose amp (a random roommate gave that to me when he moved out)


Steinberg UR44 Audio interface (used with MacBook Pro + Cubase AI)

Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitors

Shure SM58 (two)

Tascam Portastudio 414 mkii (4-Track cassette)

AKG C414 XLS (two)

Shure KSM141 (two)

V-Tech VT-1030 Dynamic Microphone


RAT distortion (bought during the 80s)

BOSS - RC-30 (looper)

Ernie Ball Stereo Volume Pedal (with some weird panning switch on the side)

Ernie Ball 25k Volume pedal (for expression - used with H9)

Ernie Ball 25k Volume pedal (for the other Eventide H9)

Roland GR-09 Guitar Synthesizer (with a hexapickup)

Morley Bad Horsie 2 (Wah)

Eventide H9 Core (2015)

Eventide H9 Max (2015)

Digitech 2120 (bought in 2000?)

Boss Guitar tuner TU-12H (extended low range for that B-string)

TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini Polyphonic Tuning Pedal (one)

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip - Clip-on Polyphonic Tuner (I probably have four)


E-mu Proteus 2000 (synthesizer module)


Taylor 414ce - Built on Sept. 14th, 2015 - full gloss & ES2 (purchased May, 2016)

Ibanez 7 string S-Series S7420 (bought in 2000)

Gibson ES-335 (made in 1997)

Kramer (st-200?? Not sure) - bought during the 80s

Ventura classical - inherited (first guitar got during the 80s)

Eastman Grand Auditorium Acoustic AC222CE - bought in Aug of 2015 - 100% responsible for re-sparking guitar interest

Conqueror acoustic - bought for $30 used during college years - neck split - used two wood screws to fix - continued to play it that way. Has hole on side - patched with wood screws and a piece of plastic.

Fender Mexican Stratocaster (2001)

ESP/LTD D-5 - five string bass (eBay special $300 - for recording)

Hello Kitty Guitar (Squire)

Gibson Les Paul custom 1992 Cherry Sunburst

These two pedals are my latest Eventide purchases - they are the Eventide H9 Core (left) and H9 Max (right). Originally, I had only the H9 Max pedal, but wanted lush reverb to accompany other H9 effects. I was highly tempted to choose a different brand - just for the sake of experiencing another pedal - however the small size and Bluetooth connectivity of the Eventide H9 Harmonizer was just too cool to pass up. I've said this a few times now, but I never would have expected to enjoy using an app with my music - but the iOS app works beautifully. Eventide got it right. Now, I suppose I *could* add a dedicated reverb (such as the Strymon BigSky) at a later time - if I really want. Then, I'd have three amazing pedals at my feet.

What a proper living room ought to look like.

Eventide H9 Max and H9 Core

Eventide H9 Max and H9 Core

Eventide H9 Max and H9 Core

Some of my gear

Some of my gear

Some of my gear