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From Phasing to Flanging

Like the Instant Phaser, the Instant Flanger quickly found a home in studios and band rigs worldwide. When Led Zeppelin performed “Kashmir” live, they used the Flanger. (The Instant Phaser was on the studio recording, but the Flanger nailed it live.) Stanley Clarke used it across multiple albums. Isao Tomita also used the Instant Flanger on Kosmos and The Bermuda Triangle. Frank Marino toured with the Instant Flanger. And Jonathan Wilson still uses one today.

The Instant Phaser: A Timeless Classic Reborn

The phaser has become a studio staple used both dramatically in songs like Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” or Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and, more often, subtly to widen the sound of any instrument.

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Richard Factor

As a young man, our founder, Richard Factor landed a job with the world's biggest AM top forty radio station, WABC, NY. He built these things...