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Clockworks Bundle

Rewind time with an iconic collection of Eventide classics reimagined for your DAW. The Clockworks Bundle includes 8 iconic plug-ins valued at over $1,000 if purchased separately. Upgrades available.

Eventide Clockworks VST Audio Plugin Bundle

H9 Plug-in Series

A collection of powerful effects from the H9 Harmonizer®. Built for the modern producer, the bundle has everything you need to reverberate, modulate, delay, crush, pitch shift, and saturate your audio.

Eventide H9 Harmonizer VST Audio Plugin Bundle

H9 Series Also Available for iPhone & iPad

Ultra Essentials Bundle

Designed as the ultimate toolset for producers, engineers, and sound designers, the Ultra Essentials Bundle features three of our most powerful plug-ins: UltraChannel, UltraReverb, and UltraTap.

Eventide Ultra Essentials VST Audio Plugin Bundle


Quality reverbs that raise the bar for stage and studio, experience reverb like you’ve never experienced it before; Eventide has got you covered.

Newfangled Audio

Newfangled Audio was started by former Eventide Engineer, Dan Gillespie, in order to research and develop signal processing techniques that are new to the field of professional audio.

Anthology XII

A Complete Sonic Universe comprised of all the audio plug-in tools you need to produce, mix and master your records. It includes 32 plug-ins, valued at over $4,000.

Ensemble Subscription

$29.99 Monthly | $299 Annually

Access every Eventide plug-in, including new releases, at no additional cost. Get professional results with over $3,000 worth of award-winning tools to mix, master, and produce your next record.

Eventide Ultra Essentials VST Audio Plugin Bundle Cloud Subscripton