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Signature Effects

 The legendary music production staples of the last 50 years

H3000 Factory Mk II

‘The Holy Grail’ of multi-fx features the distinct pitch-shifting, delay, filtering, and modulation that made the H3000 Harmonizer a studio legend.

H3000 Band Delays Mk II

A creative powerhouse for delays, filtering, stereo-widening, and dynamic rhythmic effects.

H910 Harmonizer®

Faithful recreation of the world’s first multi-effects processor features distinct pitch shifting, delay and modulation.

H949 Harmonizer®

Faithful recreation of the H949 effects processor features De-Glitched Pitch Shifting with Flange, Reverse and Random.


Versatile dynamics processor that combines compression, expansion, limiting, and more, offering creative and precise sound shaping.

Instant Phaser Mk II

Authentic recreation of the world’s first studio phaser, captures the same sweeping modulation, perfect for adding depth and movement to your mixes.

Instant Flanger Mk II

Authentic remodel of the original studio flanger, perfect for stereo sweetening, subtle modulations, double tracking, and extreme flanging effects.

SP2016 Reverb

Natural and distinctive reverbs from the original SP2016 hardware includes Classic Room, Stereo Room and Hi-Density Plate heard on countless hit records.


Developed in collaboration with legendary producer, Tony Visconti, it features movable mics that capture the lush room reverb.


Comprehensive reverb plug-in with 9 effect types for acoustically natural environments and otherworldly soundscapes.


Harmonizer that generates up to 8 voices, offering creative diatonic pitch-shifting for enhancing melodies and creating lush, multi-layered textures.


Harmonizer with 4 voices offers creative diatonic pitch-shifting for stacking harmonies, widening instruments, and rhythmic sequences.