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The best values on go-to music production staples

Anthology XII

A complete sonic universe with 32 plug-ins designed to enhance, morph, mangle, pitch shift, re-shape, and define your sound.

Elevate Mastering Bundle

Comprised of 4 plug-ins includes Elevate multi-band limiter, Saturate, Punctuate, and Equivocate.

Clockworks Bundle

Rewind time with faithful recreations of Eventide’s legendary studio hardware. Includes the Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, Omnipressor®, H910, H949 and SP2016.

H9 Plug-In Series

Bring the power and versatility of the iconic H9 Harmonizer® to your mix and creative workflow. Comes with 11 plug-ins including Blackhole®, Crystals, MicroPitch, TriceraChorus and more.

Ultra Essentials Bundle

Three essential production plug-ins perfect for producers, engineers and sound designers. Includes UltraTap, UltraReverb, and UltraChannel.