H9 Series - Eventide Audio

H9 Series

Effects collection derived from the H9 Harmonizer®


Expansive and otherworldly reverb offering endless creative possibilities for ambience and lush atmospheres.


Overdrive and distortion delivers gritty, aggressive tones and dynamic saturation, perfect for adding edge and character to guitars, drums, and synths.


Create ethereal, shimmering soundscapes, perfect for adding a magical, otherworldly dimension to your music.


Features reverb and distortion to create unique, gritty soundscapes, perfect for adding dark, atmospheric textures to vocals, drums, guitar and more.


Dual-voice pitch shifting and delay perfect for subtle detuning and enhancing your sound with lush, wide stereo imaging and vibrant chorusing.


Four-voice pitch-shifting for stacking harmonies, widening instruments, and killer rhythmic sequences on the go with iPhone and iPad.

Rotary Mod

Swirly Leslie Spaker Cab modulation perfect for adding vintage vibe and spatial movement to instruments.


Add dreamy, celestial ambiance by combining lush reverb with shimmering pitch shifters.


Delivers the sound of a classic spring tank, adding natural, organic reverberation to your tracks with ease.


Vintage Bucket Brigade Tri Stereo Chorus perfect for adding warmth and movement to guitars, synths, vocals.


Unique multi-tap effect for creating intricate echoes, spacious textures, and unique rhythmic effects.


Modulated tremolo offers pulsating rhythms, evolving textures, and harmonic richness to to synths, guitars, vocals.

H9 Plug-in Series Bundle

Bring the power and versatility of the iconic H9 Harmonizer® to your mix and creative workflow. Comes with 11 plug-ins including Blackhole®, Crystals, MicroPitch, TriceraChorus and more.