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the PolyMod algorithms comes from an old product idea. We created it on Orville and is available on DSP/H series Harminizers.

It consists of 3 parallel stereo delays (dly 1&2/ 3&4/ 5&6) with an lfo for each pair to create modulation fx; in addition there is an extra lfo for each pair, modulating the first lfo to create non_pattern modulation.

This is easily doable on existing Eclipse algorithms, like ChorusDelays.

The trick would be to modulate the primary lfos with the ModBlock lfo#1, to create FM modulation.

You need to load Chorus delays in both Eclipse blocks. Turn to of them of (-100dB level). Set delay levels/feedback/depth/rate to the same value for any 2 of them, then create FM modulation by patching the ModBlock LFO#1 to lfos rates.

This will get you there.